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My New Enemies

You tap into my personal data and then sell it to the highest bidder, and I'm going to consider you my enemy.

The United States Congress voted to allow this practice. Senators and representatives were bought off by campaign contributions from ISPs and wireless phone companies whose argument that they wanted to be treated fairly when compared to the great privacy thieves Google and Facebook was accepted and repeated.

In my case, this information will do them little good. I already use adblocking software anytime I can. I don't keep cookies that track my Internet usage any longer than the browser is open. I pay $100/year for a VPN, which I'm using as I type this and will continue to use except when it slows my service down too much.

For most people, the creepy ads are about to multiply. You'll wonder how your home computer knows to serve you an ad in the evening for a product whose ad you accidentally tapped on at lunch on your cell phone. And God help you if you invest…

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